"With a strong debut like Suffer to Rise, there’s no doubt that Voluntary Mortification is a band to watch."

-The Metal Epidemic

 Voluntary Mortification is a deathcore band based in Lansing, Michigan dedicated to channeling the inevitability of suffering into brutal music and casting light into the darkest pits of our human experience. 

After releasing a well-received demo single “Death Tremors” in October 2021, the group followed up with full length album “Suffer to Rise” in July 2022, produced by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Attila, Mental Cruelty), in addition to signing with Rottweiler Records shortly beforehand. The ambitious concept album follows the fall and redemption of a central protagonist, all the while tackling current day issues ranging from politics to religious corruption. The album draws influences from genres ranging from thrash and old school death metal but hits with the modern day intensity of Impending Doom, Chelsea Grin, Carnifex and other deathcore bands from both the early 2000s and current modern scene. 

Since “Suffer to Rise” hit, the band has garnered a reputation of being a straightforward, no-nonsense dose of heaviness, delivering ample breakdowns and other iconic moments throughout the album. Besides a beefed up “Death Tremors,” the album also features the band’s second single and first music video “Silence,” a thrashing rager that jerks between breakneck blasts and pulverizing breakdowns. 

There’s no filler and plenty of variety amidst the steady stream of slamming brutal deathcore. Regardless of your metal subgenre tastes, you’ll find something to headbang to on Voluntary Mortification’s “Suffer to Rise.” 

The band looks forward to supporting its debut album and devastating audiences with their live performances, with plans to build on the success of “Suffer to Rise” with new material in the coming months.