Voluntary Mortification is a deathcore band based in Lansing, Michigan dedicated to channeling the inevitability of suffering into brutal music and casting light into the darkest pits of our human experience.   

After releasing a well-received demo single “Death Tremors” in October 2021, the group followed up with full length album “Suffer to Rise” in July 2022, produced by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Attila, Mental Cruelty), in addition to signing with Rottweiler Records shortly beforehand. The ambitious concept album follows the fall and redemption of a central protagonist, all the while tackling current day issues ranging from politics to religious corruption. The album draws influences from genres ranging from thrash and old school death metal but hits with the modern day intensity of Impending Doom, Chelsea Grin, Carnifex and other deathcore bands from both the early 2000s and current modern scene. 

After His bloody death, Jesus Himself descended into the depths of Hell, and that’s where we bring our message of hope — into the hell of suffering, confusion, and fear experienced by too many in this world. Our desire is to be a light in the darkness for those who are broken and hurting in the metal scene.  

Jesus said to go to all the ends of the earth to proclaim His message. We’re taking that message right into the pit; not just into the mosh pit, but into the pit of darkness and evil that runs rampant in our world and within people seeking an escape. Each of us in the band knows we are broken and are sinners, but through our own sufferings, we’ve found faith and want to share that with our brother and sister metalhead.  

We feel called to create not only music to break faces, but break people’s souls; break down the walls we put up and let in someone better: Jesus Christ.  

Voluntary Mortification sums up the call of the Christian life: to voluntarily lay down our lives for one another and deny our very selves and our desires. We believe the idea of dying to yourself is pretty extreme - just like the very music we listen to and create.